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An absolute repulsion to 1-800 numbers

DeWoskin Law Firm - Tandem Bank Customer Story

Dropping out of law school was on the table when Dan DeWoskin was in his first year at Georgia State. He wasn’t like the grade grubbers around him, didn’t want to be owned by a big law firm, and needed inspiration to stick around.

He found it in the nearby Fulton County Courthouse, where he often spent his days watching trials, learning from the best lawyers and, more significantly, from the worst of them – the sort of litigators who didn’t even know their clients’ names. He knew he could do so much better as a trial attorney and that he could do it on his own terms.

DeWoskin Law Firm - Tandem Bank
DeWoskin Law Firm - Tandem Bank

DeWoskin Law Firm opened in 2009 and, more than eight years ago, made its permanent home in Decatur. The small firm primarily focuses on personal injury cases and criminal defense, with some niche consumer work on the side.

DeWoskin Law Firm - Tandem Bank
Dan DeWoskin, Founder, DeWoskin Law Firm; Misty Palmer, Business Development Officer, Tandem Bank

Trusted banking relationships are key for law firms, which are a bit antiquated in that they still rely heavily on using checks. If a mailed check is stolen, for example, fraud may follow. For years, DeWoskin stuck with a big bank – so much so that he initially balked when Tandem Banker, Misty Palmer, approached him. It wouldn’t be long, though, before the ties to his big bank began to unravel.

Locked out of his bank account one day due to some sort of fraudulent activity, he couldn’t get help by phone and ended up losing a day of work traveling to and from a branch office where he sat for hours and watched a banker call the same 1-800 number he’d called earlier.

DeWoskin Law Firm - Tandem Bank

“That was it. I was done. I have an absolute repulsion to 1-800 numbers,” DeWoskin says. “What do you do when you have six options but none of them are the right option?”

He immediately closed the account, picked up the phone, and called Misty, who provided the perfect option.

“Remember when I told you, you could never earn my business?” he remembers saying. “Well, I’m ready to switch.”

DeWoskin Law Firm - Tandem Bank
DeWoskin Law Firm - Tandem Bank

With Tandem, if anything looks potentially fraudulent, he gets a personal call. If he needs help or has questions, he has direct numbers to reach bankers who know him. And if they’re not available, DeWoskin has no doubt that he can call the main number and get a live person.

“It’s so easy for me,” he says. “They’re doing a fantastic job.”

And with Tandem looking out for the law firm’s needs, he can focus on what he cares about most: looking out for his clients.