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Customer service drives performance for this experienced entrepreneur

Over the course of a long career, Jack Willis has learned a lot about maintaining long-term customers. His core business of providing image-worthy uniforms for companies large and small depends on great communication. He builds customer loyalty and long-term value by being there, week after week and month after month, to fully satisfy the needs of businesses who can’t afford to wait.

Working with a variety of different banks over the years, he’s come to realize the differences. Large banks work within a fixed system of rules that often restrict what they can do to address specific challenges. Dealing with a smaller, more entrepreneurial bank like Tandem gets him the responsiveness and service he needs to stay on top of things.

Jack views Tandem Bank as a great resource who understands JW Outfitters and what they need. Like JW Outfitters, Tandem is growing and ambitious. And Tandem comes to the table with creative solutions to help make sure things continue to grow and flourish.

“If you have a banking partner who understands a business like ours, and who's willing to take a chance on you, that's a better relationship.”

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Jack Willis – JW Outfitters
Jack Willis – JW Outfitters
Jack Willis – JW Outfitters